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T4PLS Car radio/R304SB T-FHSS* DISCO in the group Brands / F / Futaba / Transmitters at Minicars Hobby Distribution AB (FPT4PLS)

T4PLS Car radio/R304SB T-FHSS* DISCO

  • Information
    • The first Futaba surface system with telemetry!

      Built on the success of the first radio ever to win the coveted "Basher-approved" award from BigSquidRC.com, the 4PLS adds the ability to read and display four critical racing data as you drive. You can also record them for later reference.

      Telemetry is the biggest racing advantage the 4PLS offers. Others include user updatable software, 40-model memory, and more — all at the same affordable price as the original 4PL!
      • 4-channels
      • T-FHSS (telemetry), FHSS and S-FHSS capable
      • Telemetry
      • Digital trims
      • 40 model memory
      • 10 character model naming
      • 10 character user name
      • Large 128 x 64 dot backlit LCD display with contrast adjustment
      • Alarm (adjustable)
      • User updatable software (using CIU-2)
      • Steering wheel/trigger adjustment
      • Model data transfer
      • Model copy
      • Model clear
      • MC LINK
      • Fail-safe on all channels

      System Overview:
      • Telemetry for Temperature, RPM, Rx Voltage, external voltage
      • Telemetry data logging with adjustable download intervals
      • Count up/down timers
      • Lap timer
      • 100 Lap memory
      • Wheel & Trigger spring tension adjustment
      • Adjustable Trigger Position
      • Display only mode of operation
      • Steering/Throttle calibration menu
      • Low battery alarm
      • Dry cell, LiFe and NiMH battery compatible
      • Built-in charge jack
      • Inactivity alarm
      • Adjustable trim steps
      • Anti-skid braking system (ABS)
      • Throttle acceleration
      • Throttle speed
      • Steering speed
      • Idle up
      • Throttle preset (hold)
      • Trim switch/dial/switch assignability
      • Mechanical ATL Adjustment
      • Digital Trims
      • Dual rates
      • Exponential rates
      • Servo reversing
      • ATL
      • Subtrim
      • End point adjustment

      Mixing Functions:
      • Brake bias mixing (mainly used for large scale cars)
      • 4WS mixing for crawlers and other 4WS type cars/trucks
      • Dual ESC mixing for crawlers
      • Gyro mixing
      • CPS-1 mixing
      • Programmable mixing

      • Receiver: R304SB T-FHSS 2.4GHz (the T4PLS radio is also available with two R304SB receivers)

      Live telemetry data

      Telemetry data logging

      Adjustable telemetry download intervals

      Adjustable alarm trigger points

      Available Optional Telemetry Sensors:

      SBS-01T - Temperature Sensor

      SBS-01TE - Temperature Sensor - The sensor unit is taped on the electric motor/ esc heat sink etc.

      SBS-01RM - Magnetic RPM sensor

      SBS-01V - External Voltage sensor
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