Buck Shot S3 på Vit Fälg 1/8 Buggy (2) i gruppen Fabrikat / P / Pro-Line / Däck & Fälg 1/8 Buggy hos Minicars Hobby Distribution AB (PL9062-233)

Buck Shot S3 på Vit Fälg 1/8 Buggy (2)

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    • Pro-Line Buck Shot S3 (Soft) 1/8 Buggy Mounted on Velocity White Wheels

      This is a pair of pre-mounted Buck Shot 1/8 Buggy Race Tires. The Buck Shot debuted at the 2017 ROAR National Championships and is already a Winner at the hands Pro-Line Team Driver Ty Tessmann! The Buck Shot has pins that are very close in size to the amazing Hole Shot 2.0 but the Buck Shot pins are stacked closer together side to side, which provides significantly longer lasting performance. Unique to the Buck Shot are the alternating elongated bars that provide incredible forward grip! Similar to the extremely popular SwitchBlade tire, the Buck Shot is a directional tire with different tread on the outside compared to the inside, allowing you to mount the tires in the direction that suits your current track conditions. One side of the tire has standard pins, which is ideal for loose or low traction conditions where you want the tire to add side grip and improve steering. When you mount the tire the other direction, the connected side tread (Blade) reduces side traction in high-bite or edgy conditions. Racers who have tried the Buck Shot are saying that it is their new favorite tire!

      Pro-Line is making it easier than ever to use the Buck Shot S-Material tires on your 1/8 Buggy by offering them pre-mounted on White Velocity wheels!

      Pro-Line lives and breathes the philosophy of Racing to Bring You the Best , and that is exactly what the Velocity 1/8 Buggy wheel represents.

      Be the first one outrunning the competition with the Buck Shot Mounted to Velocity Wheels!

      Tire Features:
      • Already a National Championship Winner!
      • Similar Pin Size to a Hole Shot but Lasts Significantly Longer
      • Massive Forward Traction
      • Directional Side Tread similar to the SwitchBlade
      • One side provides added side grip and improved steering (Pins Out)
      • One side reduces side traction in high bite, edgy conditions (Blade Out)
      • Improved Wear and Traction with S-Compound Technology
      • High Density, Reusable Closed Cell Inserts Included
      • Tire Also Available Unmounted
      • Made in the USA, since 1982

      Wheel Features:
      • Greater Stability and Connectivity
      • Strong and Durable Nylon Material
      • Wheels Also Sold Separately

      • Buck Shot Off-Road 1/8 Buggy Tires Mounted on Velocity White Wheels (2 pcs)

      • 1/8 Buggy Front or Rear

      • Height: 110mm
      • Width: 43mm
  • Egenskaper
    • Lämpad för: Buggy
      Skala: 1/8
      Ytterdiameter: 110 mm
      Bredd: 43 mm
      Hårdhet: S3 Soft
      Drivning: 17mm sexkant
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