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F1 V2 Frontvinge 1/10

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    • Introducing our next-generation front wing for your 1:10 F1 car, designed for versatility, drivability and unmistakable style.

      The V2 F1 Front Wing features 3-way adjustability to suit any condition your track throws at you: a low-downforce option, a medium downforce with 1-element add-on winglet, or a high-downforce, 2-element add-on winglet for maximum steering feel. The tall wing endplates enhance straight-line stability and side-bite in long sweepers. Inspired by popular American open-wheel cars from the late 90s, we also incorporated additional ground clearance at the outer extremities, especially important on U.S. style high-grip carpet. A wide, flat section in the middle of the wing provides a perfect mating surface for any F1 body.

      The wings are made from sleek, matte-finished, ultra-durable nylon and will fit most popular F1 cars on the market such as Xray, AE, Tamiya and Roche.

      • 3-way Adjustable Design with Add-on Winglets
      • Additional Ground Clearance

      • Width: 165mm
      • Weight: 23 gram
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