G400 Helikopter GPS-series BNF i gruppen Fabrikat / V/W / Walkera / Modeller hos Minicars Hobby Distribution AB (WG400BNF)

G400 Helikopter GPS-series BNF

6 st
Cirkapris: 4017 kr
  • Information
    • The perfect 6CH flybarless helicopter for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. The all new Walkera G400 BNF features GPS allowing for precise position holding and even return to home functionality. It's never been easier than this to learn how to fly collective pitch R/C helicopters.

      When it comes to stability, it simply doesn't get any better than this! The integrated 6-axis gyro and on-board GPS make this heli able to hover hands-off with the simple flick of a switch. So if you get into trouble, simply switch to position hold mode, take your hands off the sticks and let the G400 do the rest. It can even fly back to its home position and land automatically without any stick inputs from the pilot! Simply switch the flight mode switch to the number 2 position while in GPS hold mode and watch as the heli automatically flies back to its original take-off position and lands.

      G400 BNF Features:
      • Failsafe to return home; the helicpoter can return home when lost signal
      • Low voltage protection function: the helicopter can land by itself when the battery is low voltage
      • Fully assembled and setup right out of the box
      • Precise GPS position holding and return to home functionality
      • Ultra stable 6-axis gyro flight control system
      • Full 6CH control with collective pitch flybarless rotor head allowing for aerobatic flight

        Supports 3 flight modes:
        1. Manual mode: for basic flight and 3D flight
        2. GPS mode: for position hold and hovering
        3. One key go home mode

      • Main rotor dia: 646 mm
      • Tail rotor dia: 136 mm
      • Overall Length: 636 mm
      • Weight: 620 g
      • Transmitter: Not included (Use DEVO 7/10/8S etc)
      • Main Flight Controller: FCS400
  • Egenskaper
    • Driftsätt: El
      Levereras som: Almost-Ready-To-Fly
      Lämplig för: Erfaren
      Längd: 636 mm
      Rotordiameter: 636 mm
      Rotorhuvud: Flybarless
      Vikt: 620 g
      Fartreglage: Ingår
      Sändare: Ingår Ej
      Motor: Ingår
      Motortyp: Borstad
      Batteri: Ingår Ej
      Specialfunktioner: GPS-funktion
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