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HYDRA ICE 240 XL w/Switching BEC

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    • Rock the boat.

      There's simply nothing else like the new Hydra Ice 240 (and Hydra Ice2 HV 200) controllers. These controllers are designed to take fast electric RC to new levels.

      Aside from mind bending amperage capabilities, these controllers offer all of the standard Hydra series programming features PLUS a first for the RC boating market: data logging.

      The controller actually measures and records parameters such as battery volts, amp draw, motor rpm, controller temperature and battery ripple voltage. This is a great way to make sure that the entire setup is performing within limits.

      Data may be read from the controller after a run using the Castle Link USB adapter and a Windows PC running the free Castle Link software.

      • Max volts: 8S (33.6 volts fully charged LiPos). Your motor may have a separate rating. Always use the lower of the motor or the controller's voltage ratings.
      • Brake: none
      • Reversible: Yes - with lockout
      • Low voltage cutoff: Programmable - Auto LiPo Detect set as default
      • Size: L101.6 x W53.3 x H28.5 mm including tubes and mounting flange
      • Weight: 140 g without wires / 222 g with wires
      • Controller type: Sensorless brushless (default) and brushed
      • Cooling: Aluminum cooling tubes integral with controller's heat sink. User must supply flexible water supply tubing.
      • BEC: 5 amps, 5v output
      • Castle Link compatible: Yes. Requires Castle Link USB adapter and Castle Link PC software.
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