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Kontrollverktyg för kullager HUDY (1)

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    • HUDY Bearing Checking Tool

      CNC-machined bearing checking tool, nicely machined from aluminum with typical HUDY design and look. Incredible light weight due to lightening holes in handle, diamond knurled pattern for maximum grip.
      The bearing tool is used to check the internal diameter of metric bearings to verify the bearing is operating properly. Once the bearing is placed on the tool, you can spin it to make sure it spins smoothly. It can also be used to clean the bearing while it is installed as well as lubricating it before re-installation. There are 16 steps on the bearing tool with the size engraved on each, 2–15 mm.
      • Precision bearing checking tool
      • Verifies metric bearing internal diameter
      • Used to check bearing smoothness
      • Aids in bearing lubrication before installation
      • Light weight
      • Diamond-knurled pattern grip
      • Distinctive HUDY design & look
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