Laddare Li-ionTX,RX,glöd LCD i gruppen Fabrikat / F / Futaba / Laddare hos Minicars Hobby Distribution AB (FPCR2500)

Laddare Li-ionTX,RX,glöd LCD

05102252-1 CR2500 Ch
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Cirkapris: 1866 kr
  • Information
    • Features:
      • Silver plastic with black plastic base
      • Tx and Rx or Tx and Glow can be charged simultaneously
      • Rx and Glow batteries cannot be charged siumltaneously
      • Outputs on charger consist of Tx and RX and Glow
      • Charges Lithium-ion battery used in the 14MZ transmitter
      • Employs the Auto-Cut by constant current and voltage to manage peak
      • detection for 14MZ, 12Z and FX-40 transmitter batteries
      • Auto-Cut by the delta peak for receiver battery and glow starter
      • Charging current for receiver and glow starter is adjustable
      • LCD screen monitors, input voltage, output voltage, charging current,
      • peak voltage, charging time, and charging amount
      • Handles 4-6 cell receiver batteries
      • Black cord with White mini adapter for hooking up alligator clips

      • Two charging adapters, Futaba connector male and female ends
      • Black charging adapter for charging battery while in transmitter
      • Alligator clips with mini white connector for a 12V 6A or more power supply
      • 12V car battery cigarette socket
  • Egenskaper
    • Vikt: 365 g
      Drivspänning: 11-15 V
      Mått: 151x85x35 mm
      Laddar (Batterityp): Li-Ion, NiMH, Tx/Rx
      Laddar (Li-Ion): 2 Celler
      Laddar (NiMH): 1-6 Celler
      Laddström: 0,05-2,0A
      Medföljande laddkablar: Futaba
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