Vela 1m Segelbåt RTR 2.4G med TTX410* SALE i gruppen Fabrikat / A / Aquacraft / Båtar hos Minicars Hobby Distribution AB (AQUB0201)

Vela 1m Segelbåt RTR 2.4G med TTX410* SALE

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    • For pleasure and prestige.

      While the Vela One Meter sailboat is easy enough for beginners, it also boasts cutting-edge materials and performance features that make it a worthy competitor. When not on the water, the Vela's impressive dimensions, brilliant colors and included stand make it equally worthy of display.

      • Now includes a TTX410 2.4GHz Radio!
      • Stands over 2m tall, for impressive looks on the water or on display
      • Performs in all wind conditions, making it idea for sport sailing and serious racing
      • Ready to sail in under an hour, whether you’re a new skipper or experienced sailor
      • Factory-applied graphics and deck details add authentic looks without added work
      • A simple thumb nut makes the keep easy to install for sailing and simple to remove for easy transportation
      • Rigging lines feature quick clips for easy attachment to eyelets on the deck and mast
      • Polyester sails feature reinforced edges for high performance, and printing on one side for easy orientation
      • High-torque (11 kg-cm) sail winch servo features ball bearings and durable metal gears
      • Lightweight aluminum jibs and a competition-grade carbon ber mast reduce weight and boost speed
      • An oversized rudder provides very responsive handling and turns in little more than the length of the Vela’s hull

      The rigid keel attaches to the hull with this easy-to-remove thumb nut. Removing the keel for easier transportation to and from the pond is quick and simple.

      The generously sized rudder offers very responsive handling and allows the Vela to make turns in little more than the length of its hull.

      With the Vela's straightforward assembly, anyone - from first-time captains to fierce competitors - can be ready to sail in under an hour. It performs well in strong winds as well as light, making it a fine choice for racing as well as leisure time on the lake.

      Factory-applied graphics and deck details add to the looks of the realistic fiberglass hull. Fasteners are already attached to the high-strength rigging lines; they simply snap into eyelets installed on deck, making sail setup fast and easy.

      The colorful thermal plastic polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) sails are printed on one side to aid in long-distance orientation and fiber-reinforced for high performance. The jibs are lightweight aluminum; the main mast is competition-grade carbon fiber.

      The sails feature extra reinforcement along the edges for protection against tearing in wind gusts and during transport.

      At over 2 meters tall, the Vela has a commanding presence on any lake or pond. It comes with everything needed for immediate use except "AA" batteries, as well as a folding wooden stand for work or display.

      In addition to a powerful rudder servo, the Vela also comes with a high-torque sail winch servo that delivers 153 ounce-inches (11 kg-cm) of torque at 6V. It has all the muscle needed to move the sails in all sailing conditions, plus ball bearings and metal gears for smooth, lasting operation.

      TTX410 4-Channel 2.4GHz Radio
      Light and easy to hold, the TTX410 offers interference-free 2.4GHz control with setup simplicity, 4-channel versatility and the ease of 2-stick control. Servo reversing switches simplify installation; digital trims with fast/slow rates and sound cues help you confirm adjustments as they're being made. Quad bearing gimbals ensure that every input results in smooth, even control. A flashing LED and alarm alert you when power gets low. The TTX410 comes with a full-range TR325 receiver. Fail-safes on all channels automatically return servos to center if the signal is lost and reset when signal is reacquired. Other TR325 features include an internal antenna and a push-button to ensure instant and unbreakable transmitter-receiver links.

      Dependability-protected by the SLT Protocol.

      The Vela RTR includes:
      • Painted, high-performance fiberglass racing hull with factory-applied graphics, carbon-fiber mast, aluminum booms, printed sails and removable bulb keel.
      • Tactic TTX410 4-channel 2.4GHz radio with TR325 receiver, TSX100 rudder servo and TSX382 high-torque sail winch servo
      • Display/workstand


      • (8) “AA” batteries

      • Length: 1016 mm
      • Beam: 165 mm
      • Height: 2006 mm
      • Weight: 2.72 kg
  • Egenskaper
    • Båttyp:Segelbåt
      Levereras som:RTR
      Lämplig för:Nybörjare, Erfaren
      Skrovlängd:1015 mm
      Bredd:165 mm
      Höjd:2005 mm
      Vikt:2720 g
      Sändare:Tactic TTX410 4-kanal
      Inkluderar även:Båtställ
      Behöver kompletteras med:8st AA Batterier till Sändare och Mottagare
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