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Xray RX8E.2 El 1/8 Banbil#

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    • XRAY RX8E.2 2019 1/8 Nitro On-Road Kit

      2019 All-new Features:
      • Narrower chassis with new rear end geometry improves traction
      • Lower rear suspension holders shift the rear arms 2.5mm inward for improved geometry
      • Steel extension plates for the rear suspension arms update the shock mounting geometry to work with the new narrow inner pivot location
      • Rear shock tower and upper arm holders to work with narrower rear bulkhead positions
      • Extended rear steel turnbuckles and upper ball joints to work with new narrow rear end
      • Longer rear pivot balls combined with the narrower inner pivot location update the rear suspension geometry for improved traction
      • Rear solid axle shaft and composite pulley for the new narrow rear end configuration
      • Front and rear bulkheads redesigned to work with new composite anti-roll bar bushings to extend the life of the bulkheads and eliminate unwanted play
      • Anti-roll bar adapters with less play
      • Front and rear wire anti-roll bars
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