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XRAY XB4D'22 - 4wd 1/10 Electric Off-Road Car - Dirt Edition

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    • XRAY XB4 Dirt - 1/10 4WD Off Road Buggy Competition Kit

      New 2022 Features:
      • Chassis layout with center slipper/diff, motor and battery moved significantly forward makes the car faster and easier to drive on any surface.
      • Unique XRAY one-way center slipper with precisely adjustable slipper for more forward traction, less diving under braking and easier landings
      • Revised chassis with forward design and optimized flex
      • Side guards have now symmetrical mounting to the chassis left and right
      • Chassis features multiple battery mounting positions with various O-ring diameters for every battery size
      • Center dogbones for better performance and less maintenance
      • Front & rear diff outdrives for center dogbones with inner O-rings to eliminate damage in high impacts
      • Redesigned servo holder matches new chassis design and the more forward layout
      • Shorter radio plate is fitted directly on chassis so it has no negative effect on chassis flex
      • Aluminum center bulkhead to fit new XRAY one-way center slipper (Carpet version)
      • Unified arm length for both Carpet and Dirt versions. Both kits come with short length hard front arms and long hard rear arms in the hard composite.
      • Shorter front lower chassis brace to accommodate the more forward layout
      • Front lower graphite chassis brace (Dirt version) to match the more forward layout
      • Front graphite chassis T-Brace (Carpet edition) to increase front stability on high traction tracks, making the car more predictable and easier to drive. The T-Brace is mounted via included aluminum posts to the chassis and to the front lower brace.
      • Different center upper top decks included in the Carpet and Dirt versions due to the dimensions of the one-way slipper vs gear diff
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