XRAY XT8E 22 1/8 El-Truggy i gruppen Fabrikat / X / XRAY / Bilar hos Minicars Hobby Distribution AB (47350301)

XRAY XT8E 22 1/8 El-Truggy

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    • Xray XT8E'22 Racing Truggy Kit

      All-New Features:
      • E concept with two different layout alternatives
      • Rear motor position with a single battery position on the left
      • Front motor position using saddle pack batteries in the rear
      • Chassis plate with wider rear section for increased stability and weight mounting provisions for easier balancing
      • Graphite brace option for additional chassis flex adjustment
      • Front and rear arms with a new stronger reinforced design minimizes flex in higher temperatures for better handling and steering
      • Stronger and longer conical servo saver spring with improved adjustment range
      • Servo saver with chassis locked posts for more secure installation
      • Servo saver top deck integrates with new servo saver
      • Includes two graphite servo holders, one for each motor/battery configuration
      • 2 piece battery holder for saddle pack layout improves balance and lowers vehicle CG
      • Standard battery holder moulded from new harder material for reduced flex
      • Compact electronics mount for speedo and receiver when using the saddle pack battery configuration
      • Lower front shock tower for improved geometry for increased corner speed and stability
      • Shorter shock absorbers work together with new tower geometry for improved handling
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