Slash Mudboss Dirt Oval Racer
The Slash® Mudboss dirt oval racer is engineered to deliver competition-tuned track performance right out of the box. Slash’s already legendary durability has been enhanced with new Extreme Heavy Duty suspension components and performance upgrades such as aluminum GTR shocks, Magnum 272R™ transmission, tough clipless body, and the fast and reliable BL-2s™ brushless power system.

Estimated arrival to our warehouse: Early-to-mid July

Svenskt SMAP: 5195 SEK
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Slash Mudboss Sales Training PDF (Internal Use Only)
Slash Mudboss Spec Racing PDF
BL-2s Brushless Power
The BL-2s brushless power system delivers more speed, quicker acceleration, and a more responsive throttle.

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Extreme Heavy Duty
Extreme Heavy Duty components come factory-installed on Slash Mudboss for game-changing durability.

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Pro Series Transmission
The Magnum 272R transmission maximizes racing performance and durability for hard-hitting torque of brushless power systems.

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Clipless Race Body
Slash MudBoss comes Ready-To-Race® with a clipless body that requires no assembly and exceeds even the best custom designs.

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Replica Hoosier Tires
Replica Hoosier Angle Block tires come mounted to graphite gray “steelie” wheels for an authentic race-prepped look.

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Aluminium GTR Shocks
GTR shocks represent the peak of racing technology. The color-matched PTFE-coated aluminum shock bodies hold over 70% more oil than Ultra Shocks™.
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