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Sidewinder Micro 2 1/18 Combo med 0808-8200KV Motor

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    • Castle Sidewinder Micro 2 Sport 1/18 Fartreglage + 0808-8200KV Motor Combo

      Awesome, Affordable Micro Performance!

      Sidewinder Micro 2 is our entry level 1/18 scale controller capable of 2S - 3S LiPo, with a 2 amp peak BEC, and is perfect for 1/18 scale 2WD vehicles and smaller 4WD (up to 900g) such as the Team Associated RC18B2 or Dromida SC4. Whether you are converting to a brushless setup or simply want more power than your current brushless power system is putting out, Sidewinder Micro 2 is the perfect controller to fit your needs.

      Not intended for 1/16th scale or 1/14th scale vehicles (IE Losi Mini-8ight/T, Traxxas Mini E-Revo)

      Sidewinder Micro 2 features:
      • Adjustable BEC functionality: 5.5V or 7.5V (default 5.5V)
      • The ability to diagnose and resolve problems in the field are made easy as this ESC will communicate with audible tones when certain conditions are present. Alerts are present for start fail, voltage cutoff, radio glitch, over-temperature, over-current and excessive load detections.
      • Updated circuitry and refined software makes for ultra-smooth starts.
      • Link Live to communicate power system information to an external device. This feature, when enabled, will allow users to experience real-time telemetry data such as battery voltage, ESC temperature, motor power output and battery ripple. Compatibility with the Futaba S.BUS® T4PX transmitter (requires purchase of Castle Telemetry Link for S.BUS2).
      • Manual programming settings include Brake/Reverse Type, Voltage Cutoff, Brake Amount, Drag Brake and Motor Type.

      • Waterproof: No
      • Telemetry Capable: Yes
      • Data Logging: No
      • Auxiliary Wire: No
      • Minimum Input Voltage: 2S
      • Maximum Input Voltage: 2S
      • Sensored Capable: No
      • Recon G6 Certified ESC: No
      • ROAR Certified ESC: No
      • CRYO-DRIVE: No

      ESC Specs:
      • Input Voltage Range: MIN: 2S LiPo / MAX: 3S LiPo / 4-9 cell NiMH (max 2S in this combo)
      • BEC Specifications: 2A Peak BEC, Adjustable: 5.5V or 7.5V, default 5.5V
      • Operating Environment: N/A
      • Brake: Proportional
      • Reversible: Yes, but can be disabled for racing
      • On/Off Switch: Yes
      • Cooling Fan: No
      • Length: 38mm
      • Width: 22mm
      • Height: 12.7mm
      • Weight (w/wires): 26g
      • Connectors: 3.5mm bullet connectors on the motor wires
      • Items Needed for Operation: Battery connectors
      • Product Use Statements: Not intended for use in wet conditions, the ESC is not waterproof
      • Application Guidelines: 1/18th scale RC hobby vehicles weighing up to 0.9kg
      • Programmability: Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software.
      • Telemetry Link Capable: Yes
      • Tech Notes: The Sidewinder Micro 2 has 3.5mm bullet connectors on the motor wires and the battery input wires are bare. You must add the connector of your choice to the battery leads. We recommend a high current connector rated for at least 40 amps.

      Motor Specs:
      • Input Voltage Range: 2S LiPo, 4-7 cell NiMH
      • Kv: 8200
      • Max. RPM: N/A
      • Length: 38.1mm
      • Diameter: 20mm
      • Shaft Diameter: 2mm
      • Shaft Length: 12mm
      • Weight: 50g
      • Mounting Hole Specifications: 2.5mm holes @ 1/2”, 14MM, 5/8”
      • Cooling Fan: No
      • Connectors: 3.5mm male bullets
      • Items Needed for Operation: N/A
      • Product Use Statements: N/A
      • Application Guidelines: Intended for 2WD and lighter 4WD vehicles (<0.9kg)
      • Max. Recommended Vehicle Weight: 900g
      • Tech Notes: Monitor motor temperatures closely; overheating a motor will cause permanent damage to the magnets. Never exceed 82°C on the the motor or ESC.
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