Uplon Fuel Lube (After-Run Olja) 0.47L i gruppen Fabrikat / K / Klotz / Olja hos Minicars Hobby Distribution AB (KL106)

Uplon Fuel Lube (After-Run Olja) 0.47L

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    • Klotz Uplon® After-Run R/C Oil

      The Klotz Uplon® Fule Lube is originally a fuel additive for 4-stroke full-scale applications. But for R/C it's a really good after-run oil that blends with methanol alcohol, ethanol, nitromethane and gasoline. That means it does not repell the fuel residue in your R/C engine and it protects the engine very good. It can also be used as an very good assembly lube when you have changed bearings or a new piston/liner/rod etc in your engine.

      If used as an R/C after-run oil:
      • When you are done for the day - empty your fuel tank
      • Start up the engine on low revs with the remaning fuel that is still in the fuel filter and fuel lines
      • Let the engine idle until it runs out of fuel
      • Start the engine again, and again, and again until all fuel in the engine is burned up
      • Remove the glow plug and squirt a few drops of Uplon® into the cylinder
      • Open up the carb and squirt a few drop of Uplon® into the carb throat
      • Turn the engine over a few times to distribute the Uplon® inside the engine
      • Attach the glow plug and put on a new air-filter on the engine

      • Content: 1 pint / 0.473L
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