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Xparkle ABC01 12v Batteriladdare Automatisk - 230VAC

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    • Xparkle ABC01 Automatic Car Battery Charger - 100-240V AC Input 12V Output Multi-stage Charging

      Why do we need a battery charger?
      It is widely known that the in-car entertainment systems takes the juice from your car battery. The interior light or leaving the headlights on will make your battery go flat if your battery/vehicle is left unattended for a period of time.

      A dead car battery is something you never want, particularly when you are in a hurry to get to your designation. Even though smartphones getting a jump or a tow-truck easier than it used to be - waiting for assistance is frustrating and makes your day a bad dag.

      Keep you vehicle running with the rugged Xparkle ABC01 car battery charger. It can keep your vehicle fully functional and avoid the hassle that comes with a discharged battery.

      More than a charger - its also a maintenance charger
      The ABC01 not only charges but maintains your battery wherever you go, and automatically switches to float-mode (trickle) after fully charging the battery.

      Long press MODE button to activate the repair mode after choosing your desired battery type. With this mode, it detects and starts to fill up your battery, gauges the charge level at a restricted charge current. The process helps activate the aging battery and extends it battery life.

      If you connect the Xparkle charger to your vehicle battery in your garage, the battery can maintain a stable healthy voltage!

      Juice your ride, worry-free of cold weather
      When the surrounding temperature is below 5°C - charge your battery in AGM mode. Juice your ride, save the day.

      7-Stage Automatic Charging for Extended Battery Life
      • Desulfation: Pulse charge to remove the sulfide on the battery plates and restoring the battery. 25% LED indicator lights up.
      • Soft Start: Slowly transfer the power to the battery and detect it. 25% LED indicator lights up. An error will be reported if the voltage exceeds 15.8V.
      • Bulk Charge: Charging the battery with a constant current of 1.5A/4.3A to 14.4V/14.7V. 50% LED indicator lights up.
      • Absorption: Charging the battery at constant voltage and intelligently adjusting the charge current. 70% LED indication lights up.
      • Test: A 3 minute test will run. An error will be reported if the voltage drops below 12V, judging the battery to be invalid.
      • Repair: Press (and hold) the MODE button to activate the Repair mode after selecting the desired battery type. During the process, ABC01 provides 15V high voltage for charging with strictly controlled charging current. (LiFePO4 has no such process)
      • Float: ABC01 provides a constant voltage of 13.6V for maintaining the battery for an extended period of time. 100% and MAINTAIN LED indicator lights up.

      Versatile and Indiscriminate
      ABC01 is compatible with most cars, SUV’s, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trucks, ATV’s, lawn movers, boats and other vehicles that use a 12V lead-acid battery.

      Multi Protection:
      • Anti-spark Protection
      • Under-voltage Protection
      • Short Circuit Protection
      • Anti-reverse Protection
      • Over-voltage Protection
      • Over-heat Protection
      • Over-current Protection

      • Working Voltage: AC 100-240V
      • Weight: 600g
      • Size: 170x65x37.5mm

      Charging Current:
      • Motorcycle Battery: 1.5A
      • Car Lead Acid Battery: 4.3A
      • Car LiFePO4 Battery: 4.3A
      • Power: Max 65W
      • Battery Types: Lead-acid, motorcycle (lead-acid) & LiFePO4
      • Splash, water & dust resistant: Rated at IP65
      Working Modes:
      • Normal
      • AGM
      • LiFePo4
      • 12V Repair
      • Battery Capacity: 12V 2-110Ah
      • Charging Voltage:
      • Normal: 14.4V
      • AGM: 14.7V
      • LiFePO4: 14.4V
      • Maintain: 13.4-14.0V
      • 12V Reapair: 15.0V

      • Desulfation: 25% LED indicator lights up
      • Soft Start: 25% LED indicator lights up
      • Bulk Charge: 50% LED indicator lights up
      • Absorption: 75% LED indicator lights up
      • Test: 100% LED indicator lights up. An error will be reported if the voltage drops below 12V, judging the battery to be unvalid.
      • Repair: 12V Repair LED indicator lights up. The current is restricted at 1.5A for car batteries and 0.5A for motorcycle batteries. (Maximum duration is 30 minutes - LiFePO4 has no such stage)
      • Float: LED indicator flashes in GREEN (LiFePO4 has no Float mode)
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