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Xparkle Battery Sense BT 12/24V

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    • XPARKLE Battery Sense Batterimonitor för 12/24v via Bluetooth 5.0

      Do you really know your Car Battery?
      Have you ever had a dreaded dead car battery and no amount of wishing, turning the key in the ignition but nothing happened, calling a friend to help rush to jump or praying your car is going to get you on the road any faster? But in most cases, cursing doesn't help any. A dead car battery could make your day a bad day. Most of us had met this situation once at least.

      Are you still anxious about this situation? Xparkle Battery Sense enables you to track your auto battery's health with a free iPhone or Android app, reminds you to charge or replace the backup battery in time.

      Stay Connected, Drive Smart!
      Bluetooth® technology has created connections between car and driver, bringing more peace of mind to avoid a dead battery.

      Bluetooth 5.0:
      • Higher Speed at Lower Energy
      • With the most current Bluetooth 5.0, Battery Sense can transfer data up to 2 times the speed of the predecessor, Bluetooth 4.0, resulting in faster and more stable connection. Notably, its power consumption is reduced to minimal, almost nothing compared to all the other in-car electrical devices.
      *On 12-Volt auto battery: Standby current is 1mA & working current is 4mA
      *On 24-Volt auto battery: Standby current is 2mA & working current is 5mA

      Track all your vehicle battery health data in one convenient place
      • All your battery data, including cranking voltage, historical voltage curve, charging voltage at idle speed, or high RPM, are collected onto a single dashboard in the Xparkle app.
      • Cranking voltage is critical to vehicles! Knowing the cranking voltage fall under the normal value* can remind you to charge or replace the battery in time!
      *For a 12-volt system, the cranking voltage below 7.5V is abnormal
      *For a 24-volt system, the cranking voltage below 15V is abnormal

      Engine compartment temperature at a glance!
      With a built-in temperature sensor, you can monitor the engine bay temperature of your car on the app in real-time.

      Battery health data on your wrist!
      Notifications will be pushed to your Apple Watch when approaching your car. When driving, just raise your wrist to have a glimpse of information about your auto battery.

      Support a wide range of vehicles
      Xparkle Battery Sense supports all SLI (Starting Lighting and Ignition) type 12V/24V auto batteries; it is compatible with most cars, trucks, RVs, etc.

      Free App on iOS & Android
      Xparkle Battery Sense can detect your battery state of health and synchronize its data to the smartphone via Bluetooth. You are simply staying on top of your battery's health.

      Scan the QR code on the right to download the Battery Sense App which is available on App Store or Google Play.

      Get your battery to talk to you and take control and get the best out of your vehicle with Xparkle Battery Sense.

      • Size: 56x36x10mm
      • Weight: 24g
      • Voltage: 6-30V
      • Communication: BLE5.0
      • Range: 10-30M (The actual communication range of each vehicle will be affected by the location of the battery)
      • Battery Type: 12-Volt and 24-Volt vehicle batteries
      Power Consumption:
      • Working: 12-Volt 4mA, 24-Volt 5mA
      • Standby: 12-Volt 1mA, 24-Volt 2mA

      Data Storage:
      • Device: 30 Days
      • Smartphone: no limitation

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