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Xparkle XF150 Power Station - USB, 230VAC, 153Wh

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    • Meet Xparkle XF150 Power Station - Power, Anytime, Anywhere!

      The Xparkle XF150 is essentially a portable and affordable battery that charges your devices during a power outage or in situations where you don’t have access to a power outlet.

      Charge & Go!
      XF150 is specially designed for charging phones, tablets, laptops, drones and other smaller electronic devices. It simply powers your outdoor adventure with the peace of mind!

      Whether you’re camping for a few days or hiking for a few hours, with the XF150 you’ve got the perfect amount of power available to keep your essential devices charged.

      What can 153Wh power run?
      • iPhone 12: 10 Recharges
      • iPad Pro: 4 Recharges
      • Phantom 4 Pro: 5 Recharges
      • Sony Alpha 1 Camera: 11 Recharges
      • Macbook Pro: 3 Recharges
      • Inforce Flashlight: 9 Recharges
      • Video Projector: 3 Hours
      • Game Console: 9 Recharges

      Not for devices over 200W:
      • Hair Dryer
      • Electric Drill
      • Electric Chanisaw
      • Microwave Owen
      • Rice Cooker
      • Electric Water Heater

      Lightweight and Portable
      Weighting only 2 kg and just 20x12x14.5cm in size, this power station can keep your lights, phones and laptops charged while camping.

      Various Powering Options:
      With a 150W AC Outlet, 60W USB-C port & 3 USB-A ports, the XF150 can charge all your essential devices.
      • 150W AC Outlet
      • 60W USB-C Port
      • 3 USB-A Ports
      • 12V DC Port
      • LED Flashlight (built-in)

      Visual battery Life Status LED Icon
      The battery icon LED reflects the charging/discharge and battery life status.

      Get the XF150 Charged, Anywhere, Anytime!
      • Indoor at home: Plug it into the wall AC power outlet. It takes about 5 hours to fully recharge.
      • Outdoor: Connect a compatible solar panel. The charge time will depend on the size/power of the spolar panel.
      • In the car: Charge it from the car with a 12V adapter in about 4-6 hours.

      Ultra-Safe Power Station with BMS
      BMS, also known as the ”brain” of the battery, is responsible for the efficiency, saftety and longevity of the built in Lithium-Ion batteries. Primary functions of the BMS includes SOC identification (state of charge), ensuring balanced charge cycles and measuring cell voltages etc.

      Xparkle uses LiFePo4 batteries in the XF150 with longer life and stability with state-of-the-art BS (Battery Management System)) that prevents over-charge, over-current and short circuiting troubles.
      • Short circuit protection
      • Heat protection
      • Overcharge protection
      • Overcurrent protection
      • Overvoltage protection
      • Overload protection

      Prolonged Battery Life Cycles - Outperforming conventional Lithium ion Batteries
      Compared to Lithium-ion’s 500-1000 cycles, the LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) can last for up to 2000 cycles.

      Built-in LED flashlight with SOS mode
      The built in flashlight also dimmer function, a strobe and an SOS blinking function, both of which can come in handy for casual camping or wilderness survival.

      Intelligent Thermal fan
      The onboard processor keeps monitoring the inner heat caused by the battery pack, charge circuit and the inverting system. Whenever the temperature reaches the threshold, the fan starts blowing cool air. In this way, the power station keeps the internal temperature down even att max output.
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